Finding Your Spirit Guide

There are many ways of finding your spirit guide. Here are some simple methods. Once you find your spirit guide, you can ask them to help you find the best way to communicate with them


Some people find their spirit guides using meditation. There’s any number of guided meditations you can buy or download to meet spirit guides, but here’s no need to buy anything special. Music isn’t necessary but many find it helpful.

Let your mediation takes the form of a journey. Imagine yourself walking in a remote place like a forest or beach. As you wander, chances are that you’ll meet someone along the way who could be your spirit guide. Often, spirit guides are representative archetypes, someone who symbolizes certain traits and  energies. For instance, your spirit guide might look like Cleopatra. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Cleopatra is your spirit guide, but that she represents certain things to you and these energies are what you need in a spirit guide.


Similar to meditation, a dream journey is a way of finding our spirit guide through the subconscious. However, unlike meditation, during a dream journey, you’re actually asleep. Lucid dreaming is dreaming with a goal in mind – as you go to bed, focus on asking your spirit guides to come in your dreams.  Keep paper and pencil by your bedside to joy down what you remember when you wake.

Signs, Symbols and Omens

Ask a question or ask for a solution to a problem and then watch for signs or omens that provide an answer. A simple method is to look for synchronicity, some sign that appear, say 3 times, or more than can be considered coincidence. 

You can also use cards to identify a spirit archetype then look for conformation the same way. For example, if the Healer is the archetype that comes up with the cards, you may hear healing mentioned in a TV program, then a friend says she has been to see a reiki healer or your doctor suggests a plan to heal your stomach problems.