How To Contact A Spirit

How To Contact A Spirit and Extracts from ‘Spirit Guide’ by Raym.

“I ___________ of my own free will, now call on my spirit guides, teachers and friends, I ask you to surround me with your love and light (as I sleep). As the Universe is my witness, I now humbly and respectfully call on the ascended master closest to my heart…

Dear friend and teacher of unconditional love and light, I freely give my permission for you to enter my consciousness now (or in my dreams tonight) and show yourself to me. I am ready to know more of my life’s plan and ready to act upon it for the divine highest good of all. So be it.”

Trust what you see and feel in that moment and later that night. You are worthy of the love of the Master who appears before you.

The spiritual hierarchy extends “above” and “below” the ascended masters. Below the ascended masters are our loving spirit friends who do not need to incarnate here at this time but who can enrich their own experience of life here by assisting individuals who are in bodies. These friends have often known us in previous lives and may occasionally be grandparents from this life who are no longer living on this plane. All guides love us very much indeed and are not attached to outcomes here. They help in planning our blueprint and volunteer to monitor our life’s progress and to help us, if we will allow them to, when we become aware of their presence.

These friends are generally referred to as spirit guides. Every human being on this planet has spirit guides. True spirit guides are always positive, loving, selfless and focused on the divine highest good of their friend on this third dimensional plane. Any being that presents as a spirit guide and is not totally positive, loving and selfless is not a guide. Each person has several guides, sometimes many. They may include a spouse or relative from a past life. Often people have a Native American guide, not because it is trendy, but because these people were and are a very spiritual race and many have reincarnated again at this time. So it is natural that their friends should help them out.

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How To Contact A Spirit

How To Contact A Spirit and other Spirit Guide Terms

We are, as aspects of the same limitless consciousness, connected to All There Is. As part of the same whole, our actions affect every other aspect of that whole and it responds to us accordingly. We are connected to all other life forms, aspects of creation and each other. In simple terms, we, the Earth and everything on it are all one, we are all aspects of the same conscious whole. Any action, therefore, we impose on any other being, creature or environment, we are in effect inflicting on ourselves. If we radiate love we receive love. If we radiate anything else on any other level we receive that also.

In order to understand the complexity of this interdependence and our interconnectedness with other beings, I suggest that for a moment you visualise your life on this planet as a thread in a huge and complex tapestry that stretches out in one flat plane, as far as the eye can see or the mind can grasp. This point in time is a speck of dust on that thread. The rest of the tapestry is connected to your thread by others that touch you and are in turn touched by others during your life path. They represent all other aspects of reality and beings that you come into contact with during your life here on Earth. The term “deep ecology” may be used to describe this perception of the interdependence of all things.

If you pull hard enough on one thread, if you deviate from your life plan and become ego based in your actions, resisting your Divine plan, your actions will create a pull or disturbance in the whole tapestry. You will affect all the threads that cross yours and they in turn will affect the threads that cross them and so on. This is how your actions affect all other beings on and around this planet.

This analogy covers life on our plane of existence on planet Earth. To grasp how that affects the rest of the Universe and all the other planes of existence, visualise the tapestry in three dimensions, with interconnecting threads stretching out in all planes from this point in time and space. If you pull the thread, you pull the whole fabric of creation out of alignment and your actions affect other realities that are not directly connected with you, this planet or this reality.

You can contribute to restoring balance and harmony on both a planetary and a Universal scale by moving out of ego and surrendering to Divine will, aligning your whole being with light and love.