Interpreting Lifestyle Cards

Lifestyle Cards

This is a 36 card deck where cards are drawn in pairs. It’s designed to be used more frequently than tarot cards or in conjunction with other decks.

It is also a stepping stone for those wanting to interpret their own cards.

It deals with the more day to day aspects of life rather than a longer term picture.

How to Interpret your Cards:

  • Cards are mainly symbolic. For example, black may mean depression, darkness something hidden.
  • Identify the main point of the reading. This will be a person or situation you can identify by first looking at the meanings when these 2 cards are drawn together.
  • If you aren’t sure, check the meanings for the main card (1st Card) and then for the significator (2nd card).
  • Usually (but not always) the first card is the important card. It normally refers to your life or you personally but can also apply to someone close.
  • Bearing in mind these are day to day readings, if you can’t relate to the cards, try asking one or more of the sample questions.
  • Cards have multiple meanings. Find the meaning(s) you can relate to and don’t be sidetracked by the rest.
  • Timescales are difficult to predict. The 2nd card usually denotes WHEN something may happen or come to a head, or how long it may last. The 1st card may indicate timing if a different path is chosen.