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Zodiac Signs Personality

ARIES Spiritscope :   March 21 – April 20
TAURUS Spiritscope :   April 21 – May 21
GEMINI Spiritscope :   May 22 – June 21
CANCER Spiritscope :   June 22 – July 23
LEO Spiritscope :   July 24 – August 23
VIRGO Spiritscope :   August 24 – September 23
LIBRA Spiritscope :   September 24 – October 23
SCORPIO Spiritscope :   October 24 – November 22
SAGITTARIUS Spiritscope :   November 23 – December 21
CAPRICORN Spiritscope :   December 22 – January 20
AQUARIUS Spiritscope :   January 21 – February 19
PISCES Spiritscope :   February 20 – March 20

Aries Traits

Aires is symbolized by the ram which represents the male fertility as well as courage and aggression. The ram’s horn is considered as part of the cornucopia thus it is dubbed as the horn of plenty. People who are born under this sign have the affinity towards abundance. Sun in Aries people are born as natural athletes. They are active, energetic, straightforward and not complicated. They are people who know what they want and how they can achieve them. On the other hand, the moon can also play a vital role in affecting their behavior. For instance, Moon in Aries people are somewhat impatient thus they live for the moment and hardly has the patience to wait for things to happen. This is the reason why they are proactive in solving their problems because they need to see the results immediately. In general, people who are born under this sign are competitive, quick and direct.

Taurus Traits

Taurus has always been the symbol of strength and power. Taureans are believed to be strong individuals but although they are dependable because they have the habit of being outright helpful. They are also naturally sensual people in all pleasure areas and they take delight on just about anything like food, a comfortable blanket and even flowers. Since they revel in things that give them comfort, they also have the tendency to revel in material things. Since they are strong-willed individuals, it is unwise to push people born under this star to do things that they are not committed. However, once they are committed to doing things, they put all their time, energy and effort to doing things. This is the reason why people born under this star are very passionate about love and romance.

Gemini Traits

Geminis are perceived to have dual nature as this sign is symbolized by twins. However, the duality is often expressed in the exchange and interaction of Geminis with other people. Geminis are very flexible people and their ability to adapt to changes makes them very easy to deal with. This is the reason why people who are born under this star are very friendly, witty and clever. However, under the lunar position, Geminis have worrisome behavior and they need more stimulation than other people. This is the reason why they can also be overbearing sometimes. With their characteristics to always ask questions, Geminis love to move around freely and mingle with people to get answers to their questions.

Cancer Traits

Being symbolized by the crab, people who are born under this star always move in indirect manner. They direct their lives towards where they can gain a lot of advantages in their lives. This is the reason why they have strong survival instincts. They are also very protective particularly in sharing their inner selves to many people. Cancers also have the reputation to be moody. This is evident to those who are born when the Moon is in Cancer. Although withdrawn, people who are born under this zodiac sign are thoughtful by nature. They are also sensitive to love and they can give a lot of things to their loved ones like security, comfort and care. Overall, Cancers often move about with their business without making a lot of noise. They are gentle people that invest in their inner selves more than anything else.

Leo Traits

The zodiac sign Leo is symbolized by the might lion which represents rulership, courage and sovereignty. In fact, there is an unmistakable regal air to people who are born under this star. They are dignified but they also have the reputation for being conceited. Although their outward appearance shows conceit, Leo are motivated by the affections of people surrounding him or her thus their plans usually center around making people who matter to them happy. On the other hand, Leo people also love being the center of attention. Whether they are inside their homes or out with their friends, Leo people want to be always in the spotlight. They also have the incessant need to be in control of things and their all-controlling behavior can be difficult to bear with.

Virgo Traits

Virgo people are, in general, respectable people. The symbol, the virgin, is interpreted as having pure in spirit and also being self-contained. Virgos are reticent especially when they face something new. Virgos find contentment, security and comfort in little things. They enjoy doing mundane tasks like paying bills or balancing their books. Having said this, many people under this sign are accused to be underachievers. The satisfaction that they get from simple things prevents them from pursuing great things in life. Although this may be the case, this is the quality of Virgo people that makes them endearing.

Libra Traits

People born under this sign are symbolized by the scale which represents balance. Librans are sociable and intellectual. Because they enjoy balance in their lives, they tend to seek the middle ground thus they have the tendency to become everything for everyone. They are also accused for having lack of directness and inability to take a solid stand on things.

Since Librans look for harmony and peace, they have a tendency to concede on things and they let people win in arguments. Their ability to strive for balance makes them attractive and this is the reason why Libra natives also have tendencies to attract many people from the opposite sex effortlessly.

Scorpio Traits

Scorpios are intense people and they are very determined when it comes to achieving the things that they want to do. They are motivated by power thus they have a lot of willpower to do things. It is interesting to take note, however, that Scorpios are very cunning people. They don’t go out and grab the things that they want at the wrong moment. Instead, they wait for the right opportunity. With this, Scorpios are great at planning and scheming.

Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius are people who are outgoing and friendly. The love freedom and they abhor doing routine works. Their love for making friends also puts them at risk because they often have blind faith in people. Their optimism is infectious but this can also lead them to trouble from time to time. Since Sagittarians are under the fire sign, they also have quick tempers but, fortunately, they quickly forget the source of their anger. Sagittarians have the need for constant activity and their outgoing personality makes them irresponsible. They easily forget appointments and they find it difficult to complete tasks that they don’t like. Although this may be the case, they can also become good teachers as they are good in storytelling.

Capricorn Traits

People born under this sign are grounded and realistic. They are also more fixated on doing things that are worthwhile. They have close relationships with other Earth signs like Taurus and Virgo and they want to be useful and effective in society. Being useful as well as productive is important for Capricorns because they want to keep their emotions under check. On the other hand, they can be at risk to having turbulent emotions and they are at risk to being skeptic with other people.

Aquarius Traits

Aquarius is under the sun sign and people under this zodiac revere the old and traditional ways of doing things. They have strong idealism thus they are likely to have fixed opinions on everything. Unfortunately, this is the reason why most Aquarians are branded as standoffish individuals but this is just a façade. In reality, they are observant and tolerant in a broad sense. They are also very witty and intellectual people.

Pisces Traits

Pisces contains all experiences of all the zodiac signs. Thus, they have the ability to communicate and identify with people from all backgrounds. They are not only adaptable but they also have broad minds. They also spend a lot of their time yearning for contentment. Because they yearn contentment, most Pisceans have the tendency to be dreamy and out of touch of reality. They also glamorize suffering.