Cancer and Cancer

Cancer and Cancer together! The stars are not infallible when it comes to compatibility.  There are exceptions to every rule. Not sure who you should match with? Start with our quiz Which star sign for me?

A match between Cancer and Cancer is Bad

This relationship will be highly emotional and in a bad way. This couple has too many similarities, so they will sooner criticize each other than appreciate. Both are highly sensitive and will take the word of the other to heart, which will then bloom as pain and hurt. The crab has a full sense of what he/she is, a martyr and a giver, and will find it shocking to not see the same qualities from their partner. There will be intense sexual attraction, but once business inside the bedroom is over, they will spend most of their time bickering and shoveling past up mistakes.

The Clairvoyant

Cancer in Love

A spirit guide closely associated with Cancer is The Clairvoyant.

A perfect love match for Cancer is Scorpio. Also very compatible is Leo.

A very bad love match for Cancer is Aries. Also not very compatible is Cancer.

Cancers can function as independent human beings if they can ‘evolve’ enough to deal with their emotional issues. They can be irritable and cranky if they aren’t feeling appreciated. The contradictory nature of this sign makes them almost bipolar-like due to their excessive mood swings. They tend to get offended easily and will sulk for days till they feel better about themselves. People born under Cancer are extremely loyal to those who support and appreciate them.

Ideal Professions for Cancer in Love: Soldier, child care, human resources, gardener, CEO, teacher, social worker, lawyer

The Clairvoyant, with this star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: intuition, loving mother, shy, gentle, mature emotional female, caring, loving, counsellor, psychic, security, warmth, femininity, kindness, romance, beauty, empath, inspirational, happiness, loyal, sensitivity, healer, creative artistic, pretty, daydreamer, listener, faithful, supportive, easily wounded

In Reverse:, weak, disloyal, gloom, manipulative, lack of trust, sulky, giving too much, smothering, spiteful, perverse, unfaithful, shallow, self-centred, over-active imagination, depressed, overly-sensitive, lacking direction, insecurity, unhappy, bitter, blocked intuition, vengeful, frivolous, emotional immaturity, needy, silly, disorganised

Compatibility for Cancer and Cancer Love Match

The Controller

Cancer in Love

A spirit guide closely associated with Cancer is The Controller.

When Cancer and Cancer get together its unlikely they will have the same archetypal spirit guide. If they have then we have to look closely at the traits that come with Cancer as well as those of the guide in question. By examining your personality honestly, and that of your partner, you may be able to work this out. If one of you has The Clairvoyant as your guide and the other has The Controller then you may have a relationship they can guide you through.

When Cancer and Cancer get into a relationship, things can go absolutely great. Both partners are very sensitive but can be overly emotional and don’t always respect each others emotions and tend to over analyze the relationship. But since both are caring, gentle and protective of each other, that makes them great partners as well as very good parents.

The Controller, with this star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: adversity, rushed decision, vengeance, overcoming obstacles, willpower, perseverance, control, self-discipline, turmoil, victory, determination, success, ambition

In Reverse:, lack of direction, unsuccessful, lack of self-control, coercion, aggression, vanquishment, failure, forcefulness, defeat, powerlessness

Compatibility for Cancer and Cancer Love Match