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Noted for: The Hindu queen was acknowledged as a warrior and animal lover and was widely known for her beauty.

Country: India

Personality: Strong minded, courageous and an inspiration for activists.

Rani Padmini, daughter of King Gandharvsen of Singhal (now Sri Lanka) was a 13th century queen of the Mewar kingdom (now Rajasthan, India). Often called Padmavati, it is thought she was defeated by Raja Ratan Sen in sword fight which culminated in their marriage.

As a young Princess, Padmavati was trained in war strategies and possessed an immense skill for battle. According to legend, the princess stated that whoever defeated her fighter in a sword battle, could marry her. That fighter was the princess herself disguised as a male.

According to the manuscripts, Rani Padmavati died in mass self-immolation (Jauhar) after the death of her husband in a battle. The ritual funeral fire also included the first wife of Ratan Singh and allegedly all the women of Chittor.