Libra and Libra

Libra and Libra together! The stars are not infallible when it comes to compatibility.  There are exceptions to every rule. Not sure who you should match with? Start with our quiz Love Match Quiz

A match between Libra and Libra is Good

This love will be exhausting in good and bad ways. Both Libras are full of energy, and their relationship will quickly transform to a highly passionate one. Despite a rather cheerful partnership, however, they will demand so much from each other, they will tire each other out. Because of this, they will likely spend more time with others than with each other. And since both avoid settling conflicts, their connection and stability could start to rumble.

The Provider

Libra in Love

A spirit guide closely associated with Libra is The Provider.

A perfect love match for Libra is Gemini. Also very compatible is Leo.

A very bad love match for Libra is Virgo. Also not very compatible is Taurus.

Librans are just bubbling with enthusiasm with every new situation. They are very sociable people. They have an easy-going personality and an eager-to-please attitude that makes them an instant hit with people. They are also very elegant and charming. They are the glue that keeps people together because they are the ones who maintain harmony in a group. They get along with everyone. They are adept at maintaining relationships be it business or romantic or friendship or family.

Ideal Professions for Libra in Love: Travel agent, supervisor, dancer, host, diplomat, negotiator, sales-person

The Provider, with this star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: balance, harmonious relationships, temperance, tranquility, moderation, perspective, good influence, patience, confidence, peace, inner calm

In Reverse:, discord, imbalance, impatience, clashing, recklessness, excess, lack of perspective, self-indulgence, disunion, conflict, antagonism, frustration

Compatibility for Libra and Libra Love Match

The Playmate

Libra in Love

A spirit guide closely associated with Libra is The Playmate.

When Libra and Libra get together its unlikely they will have the same archetypal spirit guide. If they have then we have to look closely at the traits that come with Libra as well as those of the guide in question. By examining your personality honestly, and that of your partner, you may be able to work this out. If one of you has The Provider as your guide and the other has The Playmate then you may have a relationship they can guide you through.

Libra and Libra in a relationship can be pretty perfect or truly bad, black or white, no grey. Both will work at the relationship and understand the need for harmony and balance in life but both are romantic and peaceful, expecting more than is realistic, always avoiding conflict, so as soon as issues arise in their relationship arise, frustration and anger will remain undealt with till they have reached the point of no return..

The Playmate, with this star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: harmony, development, nature, motherhood, fertility, accomplishment, action, femininity, evolution, creativity, sensuality, nurturing, beauty, pregnancy

In Reverse:, inaction, overbearing tendencies, lack of confidence, infertility, anxiety, insecurity, infidelity, disharmony, lack on concentration, lack of growth, vacillation

Compatibility for Libra and Libra Love Match