Libra Spirit Animal

The Lynx

Living up to their sign, people born under Libra are all about balance. Whether it’s between work and play, mental and physical health, or emotional and spiritual well-being, everything will be in perfect equilibrium. Because of this, however, when faced with problems and choices, urgency is the least that can be expected from a Libra. It will take time before they come to a decision. But when they do, everyone will surely benefit from it. Harmony between people is another form of balance; hence, they also make good mediators for conflicts.

The spirit animal for Libra in Love is The Lynx.

With The Lynx, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: realistic, principled, independent, divorced, open-minded, brave, clever, sophisticated, strong, skillful, fair, repressed pain or sadness, intelligent, mother, problem solver, rush, discerning, self-reliant, funny, candid, constructive criticism, communicative, sceptical, witty, objective, sharp wit, honest, truthful, protective, chatty, quirky

In Reverse: bitter, absent mother, repressed trauma, vindictive, sly, spiteful, poor communication, scatter-brain, obsessive, cruel, rude, dependant, not learning from past, malicious gossip, unforgiving, pessimistic, keen, mental fogginess, cheater, deceitful, nasty, dysfunctional, manipulative, harsh, lack of empathy, overly critical