The Pelican Spirit Animal

Pelican spiritual meaning

Water: With ties to water, it suggests the ebb and flow of daily life. Lovers, think about who is giving and who is taking. Occasionally it can symbolize a feeling of drowning, that everything is overwhelming.

Fertility: Drawing The Pelican can be a sign of pregnancy, present or future. It can also represent a very young child or a mother-to-be in your life. More symbolically it can mean seeds of an idea or project that need your attention.

Wings: The Pelican can represent wanting to spread your wings, feelings of boredom or being held back, often relating to work/career. Stay-at-home parents may relate. It can suggest wanting out from a relationship.

Family: The Pelican can be a card about family and friends. It can signify a person or a situation that needs attention, sometimes long overdue. Time to talk?

The Pelican can sometimes refer to a person or situation where the head is ruling the heart. Try and see the longer term future before getting too involved.

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Spirit Animal Cards & Meanings

Upright Meanings: hastiness, exciting times, infatuation, ahead, gaining momentum, being swept off your feet, movement, obsession, travel, new ideas, positive, holiday, love, energetic, progress, speed, taking off, freedom, sudden action, journey, hard work paying off, results, rushing, holiday romances, action, solutions, thinking on your feet

The Pelican represents hastiness, speed, rushing, progress, movement and action. It is a minor card of sudden action, excitement, exciting times, travel, freedom, holidays and holiday romances. Whatever you turn your hand to at the moment will take off at great speed and gain momentum. You will be feeling positive and energetic. You will be thinking on your feet, seeing results and finding solutions. Your hard work will be paying off and you will be ahead of the game. The Pelican also represents infatuation, obsession and getting carried away or being swept off your feet.

Pelican spirit meaning

Reversed Meanings: unfinished business, lack of energy, bad timing, impulsive, courage, slow progress, violence, quarrels, slowness, hysterical, lack of speed/ movement/ action/ results, restriction, late start, losing momentum, panicked, lack of romance, missed opportunities, impatient, negativity, delayed/ cancelled/ returning from travel or holidays

The Pelican reversed represents slowness, slow progress and lack of speed, movement or action. When reversed, it is a minor card of restriction, returning from travels or delayed or cancelled travel or holidays. It can signify late starts, bad timing, losing momentum, missed opportunities and unfinished business. Whatever you turn your hand to at the moment probably won’t work out the way you want it to. You may be feeling negativity or a lack of energy when it appears in your spread. The Pelican reversed also represents being hysterical, impatient, impulsive and panicked or out of control. It can represent dislike or a lack of passion, excitement or romance. It can also signify being grounded.