The Bull Spirit Animal

Bull spiritual meaning

Security: The Bull can help with feeling of insecurity and uncertainty. It can also point to money or career issues and sometimes refer to a jealous person or someone who feels left out.

Protection: The Bull may come at a time when we need strength of some sort. Are you feeling under pressure with something? Are you eating healthy and exercising? Do you feel under attack?

Romance: The Bull can be a card about romance and relationships. It is generally an optimistic card but is best used as guidance for existing arising issues.

Fear: The Bull can sometimesbe what is called a fear card. This very much depends on how you feel about these animals. If they make you shudder or panic at the thought then look at both reversed and upright meanings.

The Bull can be a sign that relationships are taking a turn for the better. It is very much a family card about social interaction, getting together, keeping in touch.

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Upright Meanings: love, engagements, proposals, cooperation, balance, marriage, relationships, potential soulmates, harmony, happy couples, connection, compatibility, equality, romance, unity, friendship, partnership, attraction

When The Bull card appears things should be going well for you and life should be very harmonious. The Bull is a very positive card. While it normally relates to unity and love in romantic relationships it can signify harmony and mutual respect and appreciation in friendships and partnerships. This minor card can also signify equality and balance when it appears in your spread. As this is an attraction card, you may find you are popular or sought after in many areas on your life!

Bull spirit meaning

Reversed Meanings: unhappy couples, dominance, losing friendships, divorce, arguments, incompatibility, imbalance, disconnection, ending partnerships, breakups, disharmony, abuse, violent passion, separation, misunderstanding, inequality

The Bull card reversed can indicate a lack of harmony or balance in your life. It can signify that you may fall victim to some form of inequality, abuse or bullying. Again, while this minor card in a reversed position usually relates to a romantic relationship, it can also signify falling out with a friend or being in a friendship that is imbalanced or one-sided in some way. It can indicate a partnership breaking down or a lack of equality or mutual respect in a partnership. It can also be a sign of arguments with friends, family, partners, business partners or colleagues.