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Raven Dream Meaning

Dreaming about: Raven

Meaning of Dream: Raven. Dreams fall into 3 very broad categories:

  • Processing (no hidden meaning)
  • Symbolic (related to daily life)
  • Predictive (possible future issues)

Dreaming about a raven is commonly misinterpreted as foretelling the death of a person in the dreamers social environment. However the raven is also a sign of transformation. It has spiritual and magical powers and although they are traditionally harbingers of death, they also are symbols of rebirth and the afterlife.

2 Ravens Dream Meaning: . Dreams with two ravens is an indication that something is not worth arguing about, let it go, be as tolerant as possible. It often has romantic connotations. Think hard about whether that flirting is worthwhile. You must lose those fears that hold you back by what others think. It is better not to say anything before you know the situation first hand. It’s time to shut up, listen and learn.

Raven Trickster in a Dream: The Raven or Crow in dreams presenting you with a wild card of possibilities The Trickster of the psyche is not afraid to teach a lesson of humility – we see this joker of the skies making us laugh at ourself in all of our serious attempts to control our lives. The raven trickster represents the power of humor that allows us to see our inner contradictions.

If you dream of A Raven Totem: It is believed that a person whose totem is one of these birds is capable of shape shifting. It could also be understood as an ability of adaptation and change. It means people born under these totems are skillful, clever, self-reliant, resourceful and adaptable.

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