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The Volcano has more accurate meanings when paired with another card in the lifestyle deck or with a tarot card.

Meanings: an explosive personality, difficulties, problems, obstacles, impairment, hurdles, struggles, challenge

When the Volcano appears in your card readings, you’ll have to beware of delays and obstacles coming your way. These problems will have to be overcome in order for your to continue progressing down your path. Whatever form this obstacle may take, you must learn to move around it, or take it head on.

Remember that this obstacle does not have to be taken negatively. Challenges in life are what force us to learn and grow. Without them, we remain stagnant. Thus, while initially the Volcano may seem daunting, there is also a sense of pride and victory that we can earn from climbing and surpassing it. The struggles that we face, and then overcome, can also become symbols of the persistence of human nature. This can be an additional dimension of the Volcano card, should you choose to take the challenge that it references. It is by taking just one step at a time that we can overcome the biggest of challenges.

The Volcano Significators

  • This card has Negative energies
  • If The Volcano signifies a person they will often be Aries
  • As a matching card The Volcano signifies Standstill (when or for how long)
  • This card is ruled by Mars

Examples of Questions to Ask

  • Who or what is standing in my way?
  • Is there an alternative path forward?
  • How can I break down this problem into smaller steps?
  • Is there anything I can learn from this challenge?