The Deceiver Archetype

Upright Meanings: sorrow, upheaval, serious misunderstandings, disorder, sadness, alienation, absence, division, loss, depression, loneliness, unhappiness, disillusion, conflict, confusion, removal, distraction, trauma, civil war, upset, grief, heartache, betrayal, heartbreak, separation, broken relationship, ill-health

The Deceiver depicts the message of rejection, betrayal, hurt and discouragement. In moments like these, we are well served by the mind. If you can think logically about it and prepare for the experience, the impact of this pain may be minimized.

Reversed Meanings: overcoming grief/ sorrow/ sadness, repressing emotions, getting over the worst, confusion, reconciliation, compromise, suppressing memories, sorrow, sharing problems, releasing pain, optimism, overcoming depression, loss, recovering from heartbreak, forgiveness, inability to let go of pain

The Deceiver reversed indicates that have faced a recent loss, a break-up or a moment of grief. You may be still recovering from this and your emotions have not completely calmed, making it difficult to move on. Although you may still be thinking of your past suffering, this card may be a signal that it’s time to let go and look forwards towards life ahead of you, because there is much for you to enjoy.