The Goddess Archetype

Upright Meanings: assertive, efficient, strong, sexy, confident, fertility, independent, optimistic, passionate, hot tempered, command, fondness, chaotic, organising your life, courageous, efficiency, outgoing, funny, forgetful, helping others, vivacious, a lot of balls in the air, energetic, motherhood, attraction, accomplishing many tasks

In general, The Goddess in a reading meaning may depict a person of extreme focus and fiery passion. She is courageous and individualistic, though at times she may appear self-centered. They have a positive and an uplifting energy; they represent someone who is willing to be by your side and stand up for you.

Reversed Meanings: infidelity, liar, vengeful, unfriendly, deceitful, catty, manipulative, jealous, overwhelmed, temperamental, unfaithful, spiteful, exhausted, low confidence/ self-esteem/ self-belief, demanding, trouble-maker, pushy, burnt out, bully, self-righteous, overbearing, revengeful, malicious, busybody

Regardless of its position (upright or reversed) The Goddess symbolizes fertility and all the feelings, emotions and aspects that it brings. It may mean that there is someone who needs your help right now. In terms of work, there is a probability that you will encounter obstacles that will hamper your progress. Do not mind these obstacles and continue doing your job as you see fit. To see this card may also be a reminder to adhere to your rational side – to balance your sometimes chaotic energy with clear though and you will be more successful.