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Crocodile Dream Meaning

Dreaming about: Crocodile

Dream Meanings: Crocodile. Dreams fall into 3 very broad categories:

  • Processing (no hidden meaning)
  • Symbolic (related to daily life)
  • Predictive (possible future issues)

A crocodile in your dreams symbolizes fear. You might have gone through a difficult time that traumatized you and you still can’t handle it. The size of the crocodile represents the intensity of feelings of hurt and revenge that may hit you. It’s better to stop thinking about what you have done and end it. Life is much lighter and happier when you forgive. Face this crocodile dream as an opportunity to change!

Crocodile Attacking Someone Dream Meaning: . If you dream that a crocodile attacks you, it can indicate a fear that something terrible will happen in your life. If you fight the attack, this can be seen as a good sign, which shows that you need to invest in yourself to be ready to face new opportunities. A Crocodile attacking someone else is a subconscious fear for someone else close to you.

Crocodile in Water in a Dream: If you dream about seeing a crocodile hanging out in water it could represent a feeling of insecurity in your waking life. Is there something that needs to be addressed? Spotting a crocodile half-submerged in water could also represent a hidden desire that’s starting to surface. Because it’s a threatening reptile we’re dreaming about, this desire might be one you’ve deemed too dangerous or risky to acknowledge or perhaps it’s something that makes you feel intimidated.

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Crocodiles appearing in a card reading has more meanings:

Reversed Meanings: revelation, enlightenment, detachment, recovery, overcoming addiction, reclaiming power, freedom, release, divorce, independence

The Lizard reversed can signify that you are becoming aware of the things that have been trapping you and the role you play in allowing them to. It is a great card for anyone battling an addiction or mental illness or engaging in harmful behavior as it indicates that you are starting to see the light and take back control of yourself and your life. You want to be free from these problems and you are starting to get the motivation to change your circumstances. It can also indicate that you are getting a new perspective on issues that you felt powerless to change previously. The changes you want to make may not be easy but they are necessary for you if you want to have a happy life in the future and you are beginning to realise what you have to do. The Lizard card reversed can also indicate a near miss with a negative, harmful or dangerous situation or person. The important message this major card brings is to be grateful that you avoided it, learn from it and move forward. Do not fall back into the old bad or risky behaviours that led you so close to danger. Don’t get cocky and think you are invincible if you managed to dodge the bullet. Appreciate your good fortune, but don’t push it!