Psychic Holidays

Looking for a Psychic Holiday” ?

Join us here in Granadilla in our 100 year old Canarian house and take your holiday as a beginner learning to develop your psychic potential or if you have experience we can help you take it to the next level.  We will collect you from the airport, don’t worry if you can’t match cheap flights to the course dates.  We can easily sort extra days holiday cheaply for you, in Granadilla or at our townhouse in Los Abrigos, literally steps from the sea.

Psychic Holidays in Tenerife
Granadilla Town

We aim to have short workshops interspersed with one to one time with the tutors.  To make the most of your break, included in your holiday is half day trips to the beach or for those wishing to be more active and see the real Tenerife, a hike/walk to places beach lovers often miss.

You can choose which workshops to attend, whether to rise early for meditation or a walk etc. or to relax until breakfast.

Tenerife Spiritual Workshop
El Medano 15 minutes away


Spiritual Awareness

2  x 1/2 day workshops

This workshop is a development class for to  unlock your psychic potential and suitable for those wanting to pursue mediumship or explore their own spiritual connections.

Development will always depend on your own commitment to learn but having the right clairvoyant teacher  is crucial.

Tarot for Beginners

1/2 day workshop with optional 1 to 1 half day

In this course we will learn the origins of tarot as a tool for divination and to assist our psychic connection.  We learn the symbols of each of the 22 major arcana of the Tarot, and  how they relate to the minor arcana.

Clairvoyance – Psychic Development

1/2 day session

In the workshop will have the opportunity to develop your mediumship skills in a relaxed atmosphere where you will feel safe and amongst friends. Classes are for beginners to experienced people.

We do not attempt to divide beginners from those more experienced.  One to one guidance is available to all, no matter what their level.

Getting to know your spirit guide

2 half day workshops

Do you know who your spirit guide is? You do know how to contact your guide? This workshop is designed to help you communicate with your spiritual guide and establish a lasting connection in an environment where you’ll be safe. Your guide can help you in your development and to obtain clearer messages from the spirit world.

Contacting Angels

1/2 day workshop

In this course you will learn how to contact your guardian angels and see how they can help you not only in your personal, professional or other areas life, but also to help you maintain a strong connection with the spirit world. There are many psychics who do not always work with their guides, but rely on their Angels to assist.


Morning sessions for the early risers.

Meditation is very important for psychic and spiritual development. It allows us to clear our minds so that we can clearly receive messages from the spirit world. In this class you will learn how to use meditation  to communicate with spirits, guides, angels and other beings of energy/consciousness.

Psychic art

1/2 day workshop

Psychic art is a technique used to connect and draw with help from the spirit world or communicate through art other information that comes to us psychically. No need to be an expert in drawing! All that is required is to have the willingness to try! This workshop will open your eyes to a totally unknown world for you.