Local Community

Tenerife South “Connecting to Spirit”

Your free local psychic community meeting at Granadilla Guest House

First let me say I had trouble deciding how to title this page, and indeed the choice of words to name our new community.  I am not a fan, personally, of the word PSYCHIC but it does seem the best word to cover most peoples perception of reaching out to entities and energies beyond out world.

If you object to this terminology then this perhaps isn’t the place for you. Everyone is welcome here, no matter what your beliefs or religion (or lack of it).  It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher of many years experience, to a raw beginner that simply wants to explore, to a Jehovah’s Witness that wants to prove our views are wrong.  If you come with tolerance for the views of others and an open mind, then you are welcome.

The Facilities

Who are we?

My name is Gail Clarke.  I own a 7 bedroom 100 year old Canarian house here in Granadilla and a 4 bed townhouse in Los Abrigos.  Along with my team, we run both properties as guest houses with 2 rooms at each location given over to hostel dormitories.  I have been a spiritualist all my adult life.  Mum was a clairvoyant medium and devoted her life to helping others and raising money for cancer research.

Obviously the residential workshops are part of the business but I will like to see it grow to much more than that, into a community where the experienced and inexperienced alike can share and learn in a safe environment.  I would like to see, for example, even beginners coming to meet holiday makers on the workshop social evenings, to exchange views and broaden their own learning experience so everyone benefits.

The community will be totally not-for-profit but in time I would like to see us perhaps have demonstrations and social evenings where we raise money for charity.