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Spirit Guide BooksLearn How to Contact Your Spirit Guide Today!

One of many excellent books from Amazon.  If you are just starting out I heartily recommend taking an audible or kindle subscription for a short while.  Collect all the books you can.

You will soon learn that nothing is black and white.  One book will tell you that you have only one spirit guide; the next book you look at will tell you that you have many.

You will find books that are deeply spiritual and books that that go completely the other way.  There is only one answer and that is to read every book you can get your hands on without breaking the bank,  Take your time making up your mind about what you believe.  It truly doesn’t matter if you are undecided or conflicted.

You will find you have a favourite book, maybe 2 or 3, (which of course will contradict each other) but don’t let that worry you.  Our guides are very tolerant and they will e patient and support you with whatever book you are currently reading and patiently wait for you to arrive at your own conclusion with a little guidance from them along the way.

From the book above:

So what are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are disincarnate spirits that act as protectors or guides to living, incarnated human beings. These entities are also known as totems, guardian angels, and nature spirits. These are not always of human descent. They live as light beings or energy which vibrates at a higher frequency. Spirit guides are your spiritual helpers. They guide and protect you. They also help you make tough decisions. They shield you from negativity, increase your creativity, and allow you to reach your full potential. Each human being has at least one spirit guide. But, most people end up having multiple spirit guides within their lifetime.

Did you know that Spirit guides come in different forms? They may come in human form or in animal form. They may also appear as angels or as Indian warriors. They also appear as mythical figures or flashes of light.

Some of our Spirit Guide Cards and Spirit Animal Cards

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