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Noted for: Neurology and psychoanalysis.

Country: Austria

Personality: Sharp and Analytical.

Sigmund Freud was a physiologist, medical doctor, psychologist and influential thinker of the early twentieth century.

Freud believed that much of human behavior was motivated by two driving instincts: life and death. The life instincts (Eros) are those that relate to a basic need for survival, reproduction, and pleasure. They include such things as the need for food, shelter, love, and sex. He maintained that life instincts were opposed by the self-destructive death instincts, known as Thanatos.

One of his most enduring ideas is the concept of the unconscious mind, which is a reservoir of thoughts, memories and emotions that lie outside the awareness of the conscious mind. Freud believed that dreams allow people to express unconscious wishes they find unacceptable in real life and that dreams reveal our unknown nature, our true desires and traits, which we are afraid to admit even to ourselves.