The Communicator Archetype

Upright Meanings: confident, phone calls, intelligent, cheerful, structure, optimistic, bright ideas, extroverted, lovable rogue, good news, fresh, word of mouth, rushing into things, swift news, free-thinking, fatherhood, fun playful, authority, full of energy, creativity, active, fearless, new exciting plans, letters, charismatic, control, childlike

When we see The Communicator we see a youth with enormous excitement and curiosity for the world. He knows what to do, he has the passion to succeed, but due to his inexperience and maybe a little fear of the unknown, his ideas remain abstract. He identifies new worlds to explore, new opportunities he could take advantage of quite easily and he is even gifted with the big picture vision needed to succeed. Even with all of this, he still has the tendency to either remain dormant, or get easily distracted with one idea after the other. If he doesn’t learn to control this, it might be that he squanders the opportunities to advance himself.

Reversed Meanings: bad news, fearful, impatient, problem/inner child, boring, spoiled, self-conscious, loud mouth, hasty, feeling uninspired, gullible, predictable, failure to act, lethargic pessimistic, tantrums, lack of confidence, procrastinating, lack of energy/ ideas/ creativity/ ambition/ goals/plans, close-minded, lazy, heart broken, instability, delinquent

With The Communicator reversed, it tends to emphasize the more negative character traits of the upright version. He tends to show up when your mind is filled with one great idea after another and are unable to progress beyond the beginning planning stages. Perhaps you have started a project or a hobby expecting that it would grow to great levels and instead you end up nowhere. As painful as it is, it is a good way of telling you that you should venture into other meaningful projects and avoid wasting time.