The Crypt Lifestyle Card

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The Crypt has more accurate meanings when paired with another card in the lifestyle deck or with a tarot card.

Meanings: someone worrying, ending, worry about dying, funeral, loss, grief, mourning, sadness

The Crypt card speaks about loss and all its related hardships – it is about the emotional process and transitions we have to make when something which we hold dear ceases to exist. This card indicates that you are going through an ending, and you’ll have to look towards the other cards within the reading to understand what this ending is about; perhaps a state of mind, a relationship, a job, or a deeply held belief.

Alongside loss, comes suffering, and the Crypt card can also indicate grief and mourning – a stage that we must go through in order to let something that we’ve lost go. Sometimes, the card can indicate that your progress is stalled because you cannot let go, and properly mourn and release a deep seated pain. Finally, this card can also indicate burying – we are putting something so deep in the ground that we can never access it again. This card can indicate that you are repressing something; it could be feelings, wishes, desires, fears – things that perhaps you may feel deep shame or guilt about.

The Crypt Significators

  • This card has Negative energies
  • If The Crypt signifies a person they will often be Scorpio
  • As a matching card The Crypt signifies Forever (when or for how long)
  • This card is ruled by Pluto

Examples of Questions to Ask

  • What do I have to let go?
  • What haven’t I mourned yet?
  • What am I repressing?
  • How can I move beyond this loss?