The Gift Lifestyle Card

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The Gift has more accurate meanings when paired with another card in the lifestyle deck or with a tarot card.

Meanings: a charismatic person, flattery, social life, pleasantness, cordiality, etiquette, politeness, appreciation

Joyful and light social interactions are represented by the Gift card. This card indicates that we are being presented with some of life’s more pleasant occasions, and we should be taking some time to enjoy them. This card indicates that this is a good chance to develop friendships, reach out, and take pleasure in the kind of happiness that others can bring.

The Gift can also be an expression of gratitude and appreciation – it is a token of thanks and recognition that we give to those who support us. This token can be both from sincere feelings, or out of social politeness, or sometimes flattery with a hidden ulterior motive. It is up to the reader and the surrounding cards to determine which face of the Gift is present.

The Gift Significators

  • This card has Positive energies
  • If The Gift signifies a person they will often be Sagittarius
  • As a matching card The Gift signifies Springtime (when or for how long)
  • This card is ruled by Jupiter

Examples of Questions to Ask

  • How is my social life faring?
  • When was the last time I showed appreciation for those that care for me?
  • Who should I reach out to?
  • Are my friendships sincere?