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Noted for: His Strength

Country: Israel

Personality: Strong, Quiet, Religious

About Samson:

The bible states that Samson was a Nazarite Warrior and that he was given immense strength to aid him against his enemies and allow him to perform superhuman feats, including slaying a lion with his bare hands and massacring an entire army of Philistines.

Samsons weakness for beautiful Philistine women soon drove him into the arms of Delilah. The Philistines offered her a large sum of money if she could discover the source of Samson’ strength. Samson, suspecting what was afoot, fed her several false leads, frustrating the Philistine plots.

Here we need to separate fact from fiction, or rather mythology/faith. It seems very likely that the story of the destruction of the Gaza temple was originated by an actual eyewitness or a narrator who lived in close proximity with the events. How much can we rely on thus far? Probably most, if somewhat exaggerated, but the story of him losing his strength when Delilah cut his hair? I’ll leave that one to you!