The Farmer Lifestyle Card

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The Farmer has more accurate meanings when paired with another card in the lifestyle deck or with a tarot card.

Meanings: an outspoken person, accidents, hasty decisions, danger, a warning, speed, reckoning, lack of tact

You’ll have to be on the lookout for something when you see the Farmer card appear in a reading. A sudden ending is on the horizon, and it will most likely come without warning or expectation – though we must remember that all endings are not necessarily harmful ones. The ending will most likely be swift, and signal a clear break – and what occurs can also lead to lasting effects.

On a more symbolic level, the Farmer represents harvesting – a time when we are reaping the rewards (or punishments) of our past actions. It can mean a moment of taking stock of what we have accomplished, of self-judgement and reckoning. We must look backward to understand what we can best do to move forward and learn from what has been completed. Therefore, the Farmer can also signal a closure in that sense.

The Farmer Significators

  • This card has Negative energies
  • If The Farmer signifies a person they will often be Scorpio
  • As a matching card The Farmer signifies Quickly, Suddenly (when or for how long)
  • This card is ruled by Pluto

Examples of Questions to Ask

  • What is something that I must let go of?
  • How can I prepare better for sudden changes?
  • What should I look back on?
  • What changes should I make going forward?