The Truthbringer Archetype

Upright Meanings: snap judgements, rejuvenation, awakening, self-evaluation, decisiveness, composure, apportioning blame, rebirth, homesickness, judgment, atonement, judgement, improvement, promotion, renewal

The traditional The Truthbringer meaning focuses on the moment when we reflect and evaluate ourselves and our actions. It is through self-reflection that we can have a clearer and objective understanding about where we are now and what we need to do in order to grow as humans. The Truthbringer card appearing in a reading signifies that you are coming close to this significant point in your life where you must start to evaluate yourself.

Reversed Meanings: indecisiveness, unfair blame, indecision, malicious gossip, lack of self-awareness, failure, death, worry, theft, ill-health, unwillingness to learn karmic lessons, self-doubt, disappointment

The Reversed Truthbringer card can mean that you doubt and judge yourself too harshly. This could be causing you to miss opportunities that were awaiting you. The lost momentum causes you to fall behind in your plans, which can make it difficult to move forward. This means that you should not be cautious, but you should be moving forward with pride and confidence. Another reading of The Truthbringer reversal card can be a push to take time out of your busy routine to reflect upon your life to this point and what you have learned so far. You are most likely not giving yourself the time or space to fully think about the matter and learn the lessons you need to be able to progress with awareness. You could also be too critical of your past actions, so you are not giving yourself the forgiveness to move forward. The mistakes that we have made in the past are learning tools, so they help us move though life. Focusing too hard on these mistakes can cause us to trip and fall.