Aquarius Spirit Animal

The Woodpecker

Being the water bearer, it is an Aquarian’s nature to be generous with their time and resources. They are driven by the need to help, which makes occupations that contribute to humanitarian causes appealing. Their greatest concern, after all, is the welfare of others. This is also why the Aquarian is a stranger to none. They are one of the friendliest people, and they will even go out of their way to reconnect with friends they have not seen for years.

The spirit animal for Aquarius is The Woodpecker.

With The Woodpecker, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: serenity, faith, creativity, inspiration, pleasure, optimism, calm, balance, spiritual love, renewal, hope, contentment, insight, healing, spirituality

In Reverse: lack of faith, broken dreams, focusing on the negative, disappointment, boredom, bad luck, hopelessness, imbalance, lack of creativity, despair, lack of inspiration