Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius together! The stars are not infallible when it comes to compatibility.  There are exceptions to every rule. Not sure who you should match with? Start with our quiz Which star sign for me?

A match between Aquarius and Aquarius is Good

They share the same views, they have the same unconventional tastes, and they both pursue intellectual growth. In other words, two Aquarians are highly compatible. Where their relationship will fail is when deep feelings for each other just can’t develop. They’re both so focused on the intellectual side, they end up having no sex life at all.

The Nomad

Aquarius in Love

A spirit guide closely associated with Aquarius is The Nomad.

A perfect love match for Aquarius is Sagittarius. Also very compatible is Gemini.

A very bad love match for Aquarius is Taurus. Also not very compatible is Aries.

Aquarians are good at research work because of their capability of being creative with ideas. While they are capable of forming great plans, they neglect the minor details. They tend to procrastinate about the actual mundane parts of the plan. They have the ability to produce ideas that revolutionize the world. Aquarius are unemotional people to the outside world but they can be generous to their close friends.

Ideal Professions for Aquarius in Love: Designer, musician, inventor, organic farmer, aviator, scientist

The Nomad, with this star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: honesty, integrity, cool, morals, military, manners, methodical, law enforcement, legal matters, friendship, detached, intelligent, structure, head over heart, power, rational, stern, conversation, use your head, routine, strength, self-discipline, authority, ethics, judge, powerful, logical, clinical, counselor, discerning

In Reverse:, lack of integrity/morals/discipline, brutal, intelligence used in a bad way, weak, cynical, dishonest, inhumane, irrational, judgmental, lack of structure/routine, losing your head, controlling, cold, dictator, evil intentions, obstinate, oppressive, rude, powerless, illogical, violent, intimidation, power-crazed, judgments, aggressive, ruthless

Compatibility for Aquarius and Aquarius Love Match

The Deliverer

Aquarius in Love

A spirit guide closely associated with Aquarius is The Deliverer.

When Aquarius and Aquarius get together its unlikely they will have the same archetypal spirit guide. If they have then we have to look closely at the traits that come with Aquarius as well as those of the guide in question. By examining your personality honestly, and that of your partner, you may be able to work this out. If one of you has The Nomad as your guide and the other has The Deliverer then you may have a relationship they can guide you through.

Aquarius and Aquarius – great friends – bad partners. As friends they support each other in difficult times, but egos get in the way of a romantic relationship. Their partnership can be fun while the romance is new but they are too free-spirited and aloof, often refusing to commit to the relationship. They will unintentionally keep the relationship superficial until they are absolutely sure one way or the other.

The Deliverer, with this star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: serenity, faith, creativity, inspiration, pleasure, optimism, calm, balance, spiritual love, renewal, hope, contentment, insight, healing, spirituality

In Reverse:, lack of faith, broken dreams, focusing on the negative, disappointment, boredom, bad luck, hopelessness, imbalance, lack of creativity, despair, lack of inspiration

Compatibility for Aquarius and Aquarius Love Match