Virgo and Virgo

Virgo and Virgo together! The stars are not infallible when it comes to compatibility.  There are exceptions to every rule. Not sure who you should match with? Start with our quiz Love Match Quiz

A match between Virgo and Virgo is Perfect

Love to both Virgos will mean something more than the typical meeting of the minds and sexual satisfaction. To them, it equates to a lifetime partnership, making them a highly ideal couple for marriage. Because both are intelligent and responsible, they will make a great team. There’s no need to harbor different tricks in bed either, because their pleasures are easily met. Where they could fall is in the constant battle for leadership. Virgos also have a tendency to look for a fault in their partner. But as long as they focus on their similarities, these wouldn’t matter at all.

The Believer

Virgo in Love

A spirit guide closely associated with Virgo is The Believer.

A perfect love match for Virgo is Virgo. Also very compatible is Taurus.

A very bad love match for Virgo is Libra. Also not very compatible is Aries.

Virgos are considered to be born to serve people. They are extremely modest people who are sometimes considered depressed because of their lack of opinion. However, they themselves consider it a noble quality to serve other people. They are represented by the element Earth that means they are grounded. They can be worrywarts because of their obsessive need for perfection. This continuous worry makes them extremely difficult to get along with. As far as work goes, they are the ideal workers.

Ideal Professions for Virgo in Love: Teacher, writer, editor, critic, translator, detective, technician, statistician

The Believer, with this star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: love, happiness, celebrations, new relationships, joy, fertility, good health, conception, pregnancy, beauty, new beginnings, new romance

In Reverse:, sadness, blocked or repressed emotions, infertility, unrequited love, hesitancy, miscarriage, breakups, pregnancy issues, selfishness, pain, egotism, bad news

Compatibility for Virgo and Virgo Love Match

The Thinker

Virgo in Love

A spirit guide closely associated with Virgo is The Thinker.

When Virgo and Virgo get together its unlikely they will have the same archetypal spirit guide. If they have then we have to look closely at the traits that come with Virgo as well as those of the guide in question. By examining your personality honestly, and that of your partner, you may be able to work this out. If one of you has The Believer as your guide and the other has The Thinker then you may have a relationship they can guide you through.

When it comes to love and relationships, Virgo and Virgo are considered to be the most rational of couples. Both partners are perfectionists but have high expectations of the other – but at least they are aware of this. Often considered to be cold they don’t express their emotions much but they usually understand each other very well and bring out the best in each other. Never get in the way of the partnership as they will hang together against any attempt to put them right.

The Thinker, with this star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: animal lover, trustworthy, dreams come true through persistence, profit, persistence, hard worker, conservative, responsible, dull outlook, environmentally conscious, patience, patient, defensive, stubborn, working with nature working for what you want, protective, loyal, finishing what you start, practical, ambitious

In Reverse:, disloyal, ultra-conservative, unskilled, boring, unreliable, pessimistic, broken promises, not finishing what you start, impatient, obstinate, deadbeat, lazy, irresponsible, apathy, carelessness, weak, standstill, unstable, lack of common sense, unconscientious, obsessed with money, materialism, vanity, loser, workaholic, gambler

Compatibility for Virgo and Virgo Love Match