Dream about Alligators

Alligators Dream Meaning

Dreaming about: Alligators

Dream Meanings: Alligators. Dreams fall into 3 very broad categories:

  • Processing (no hidden meaning)
  • Symbolic (related to daily life)
  • Predictive (possible future issues)

  • Alligators Attacking
  • Alligators Chasing You

Not all dreams about alligator are scary or negative. If the alligator in your dream strikes suddenly, it could mean you’re waiting for the right moment to seize an opportunity. An alligator appearing might be telling you to harness your power, your insight or your instincts (or that you need to have tough skin). Since the symbolism of an alligator can change depending on your personal associations with it, considering how the dream applies to your unique problems, questions, relationships and goals.

Alligators Attacking Dream Meaning: . An alligator dream could also be a full-on nightmare that involves getting attacked by the reptile. This might mean dealing with a situation that’s working against you or getting you down, just like an alligator would.

Alligators Chasing You in a Dream: Being chased by an alligator may be a sign that you need to get away from a toxic situation. If you are being bitten by an alligator, your brain may be trying to tell you to free yourself from whoever or whatever is causing you pain and distress

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Alligators appearing in a card reading has more meanings:

Upright Meanings: celebrations, coming home, prosperity, dissatisfaction, kindness, laying down roots, events, community spirit, reunion, stability, community or family coming together, self-esteem, surprises, success, weddings, happy families, parties, reevaluation, security, feeling welcome, teamwork, pride

The Hippopotamus represents happy families, celebrations, surprises, parties, weddings and events. It signifies coming home and reunions, feeling like you fit in and being made to feel welcome and supported. This minor card indicates success, prosperity, stability, security and laying down roots. It tells you that you will be proud of your achievements and that your self-esteem will be high when it appears. It also represents team work, community spirit and communities or families coming together.