Dreaming of Wild Dogs

Wild Dogs in Dreams?

Dream about Wild Dogs
Dog Family

The canid family  is a lineage that includes wild dogs, domestic dogs, raccoons, wolves, and foxes.

Dreaming about Dingos or Coyotes – Meanings

The Coyote or Dingo helps you recognize your own mistakes, brining stealth, clowning and humor

Dreaming of a coyote or dingo means deception and weakness.

Dreaming about a Fox – Meanings

The Fox bestows the power of anticipation, observation and stealth

Dreaming of a fox represents cleverness and resourcefulness. You need to use your insight and intellect to solve some problem. Perhaps you need to conceal your thoughts and/or remain silent. Alternatively, it indicates a period of isolation or loneliness.

Dreaming about a Raccoon – Meanings

The Raccoon represents curiosity, adaptability and resourcefulness.

Dreaming of a raccoon  symbolizes deceit, theft, and of false friends secretly conspiring against you.

Dreaming about a Wolf – Meanings

The Wolf is the pathfinder; symbolizing intelligence and strong leadership

Dreaming of a wolf  symbolizes beauty, solitude, mystery, self-confidence and pride. You are able to keep your composure in a variety of social situations and can blend in with any situation with ease and grace. You are a loner by choice. Negatively, it represents hostility and aggression. It might also reflect an uncontrollable force or situation in your life.