Taurus Spirit Animal

The Seal

As expected from a sign ruled by Venus, the Taurus feels most alive when surrounded by sensual pleasures. May it be food, sex, drink, or luxuries, expect them to be drawn towards it. This also makes a good motivator, because just like a bull, they will work hard for it. People under this sign are peaceful. They never start the fight and are even slow to anger, but once they reach their limit, expect them to be volatile.

The spirit animal for Taurus is The Seal.

With The Seal, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: beliefs, bonded, conformity, religion, marriage, commitment, conventional, traditional values, mercy, traditional institutions, inspiration, social approval, forgiveness

In Reverse: unconventional relationships, vulnerability, unorthodoxy, challenging tradition, foolish generosity, unconventionality, frailty, unconventional lifestyles, reversed roles, impotence