Interpreting Card Strength

Card Strength, Reversals and Word Meanings

The Enquirer

Take The Enquirer for example, an interesting card. Upright it can mean withdrawal or inner strength, so we can’t call the upright card good or bad. Only by judging it’s strength and relationship to other cards can we intuit it’s meaning. Likewise The Lightbringer reversed could mean divorce or recovery, again impossible to say good or bad.


The strong Enquirer drawn upright for the present and The weak Lightbringer reversed for the future could signify that you finding strength for a divorce in the future (divorce may not be literal, perhaps a parting of ways in business, especially if not related to love.)

The Lightbringer

Alternatively, The weak Enquirer in the past with a moderate Lightbringer reversed for the future, would suggest to me withdrawal in the past and recovery in the future.

Your reading includes the meanings the card brings today along with it’s strength. My belief is that unless you are present at the reading, only you can correctly interpret the detail. Feel free to look at the card itself, all links open in a new page, which may suggest other interpretations for you. Just because a specific meaning wasn`t chosen for you today, does not mean it’s irrelevant!