Pisces Spirit Animal

The Bat

Pisceans are signified by the fish, because they are very secretive. Fish live in water, and this makes them mysterious and sometimes unfathomable. Despite their dedication, passion, and compassion, they don’t easily reveal themselves to others. Once they do, however, these few selected souls are lucky to experience the inner vibrancy and life of these gentle people. As if truly living underwater, people born under this sign also have little worlds of their own inside their heads. They love daydreaming, and this often leads to brilliant ideas and unthinkable imaginations.

The spirit animal for Pisces in Love is The Bat.

With The Bat, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: intuition, subconscious, vagueness, deception, error, misconception, danger, instability, trickery, disillusionment, anxiety, disgrace, double-dealing deception, fear, dreams, illusion

In Reverse: negative advantage, truth, subsiding anxiety, regaining composure, unveiling secrets, releasing fear, trifling mistakes, deception discovered, self-deception