Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection
Psychic Self Defence

First of all I have to be totally honest and say I think a lot of the stuff I have heard over the years is absolute bullshit, excuse my French.  If you are going to dabble a little, try and talk to granny in spirit or something relatively simple (as opposed to taking psychic development a step further) then try the exercise below.  For the more serious amongst you, try and find a development circle but if you must buy stuff online, maybe stick to the likes of John Edward who has a very sensible approach to grounding and protection.

If you want to read more this is an interesting article Use Psychic Self-Defense. If you want to go the whole hog and develop you own psychic powers then I recommend John Edwards CD set.  It’s a little old now which means you can get it really cheap on Amazon, or better still take a free kindle subscription and make good use of it.  As long as you remember to cancel after the free period it won’t cost you a penny.  AND, in y opinion, there is still nothing better.

Psychic Attack Protection

As I mentioned above I really don’t like this concept.  Almost all of the people I have heard use the expression have been drama queens, misguided by people that should know better, or have a vested interest in having you believe it, not least of which is the power trip some of these people get by ‘protecting’  and teaching others in a development circle or similar.

And while we are on the subject I also disbelieve the horror stories about ouija boards. Whilst I don’t think they are a very good way to contact spirit, neither do I think anything is going to happen to you if you use one other than vulnerable and excitable people managing to scare themselves to death for no good reason.


Psychic Energy Protection

Psychic Energy Sieve

So once again, I am saying don’t get too wound up about this.  The one thing I do think is important is on the subject of energy, whether connecting to spirit or protecting yourself from people around you, is protecting yourself from energy depletion.  We are know people that drain our energy for various reasons, often referred to as psychic vampires in clairvoyant circles, but there are many ways we can find this happening and it doesn’t have to be from people that are the “takers” in this world.  What is important is that you aren’t always the “giver” or you will very soon find yourself worn out.

Whilst I always believed it in theory I never really saw it in practice till I developed ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  I soon learned that physical activity was a problem for me but mental activity was worse, the hardest thing being loss of energy when I wasn’t aware of it.  25 years on and that has  never changed. Large crowds, voices and noise or visual stimulation quickly exhausted me to the point where I would leave a trolley full of shopping in the supermarket and go home to bed.  Very frustrating for me after a recovery period of weeks and sometimes months to find myself back in bed again.  It took me sometime to work out why and of course, those around blamed the physical effort but the result was the same even when someone else did all the lifting and shopping.  This is the exercise I used before and after a shopping trip or to any other place where there are a lot of people (even when they are quiet!).


Psychic Sieving

It’s really simple and whilst I could spin it out to a full page I am going to leave you to put your own detail around it.  All you need to do is imagine you have a set of 3 or 4 garden sieves – you can have more if you like. Follow the usual advice for meditation, quiet place, phone off, comfortable clothing, soothing music (bed is good), then imagine yourself stepping into the biggest sieve and slowly left it rise up and through your body till it reaches above you head and everything it brought with it dissipates into the universe.

If you want to use a prayer or a mantra, you can make one up if you feel like it.  That’s not important as long as you focus on the sieving process.  Then repeat it with progressively smaller sieves.  You can alter the process in any way you like.  If you have problems with the notion of the sieve moving on it’s own then bring your guides, your angels, your granny into the picture to help you.

You may find it a little strange that I haven’t filled in all the details for you but it’s important you begin to understand what I am trying to say which is that all you need is YOUR intent.  Got it?