The Contract Lifestyle Card

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The Contract has more accurate meanings when paired with another card in the lifestyle deck or with a tarot card.

Meanings: a partner, friend, lover, commitment, promise, honor, partnership, cooperation, repeating cycle, engagement

Commitment and agreements, whether in love, business or anything in between, are represented by the Contract in readings. Something links two things together, a connection – which can be both practical or emotional, mutual or one-sided. Though it can represent the link between two people or organizations, it can also represent a commitment to a principle, an idea, or a value – a pledge that one makes towards oneself. The commonality between all these readings of the Contract card is that one is bound by honor, morality, and sometimes even legal arrangements.

To see this card means that you must consider the weight of all the commitments that you make – that your promises reflect on your character and your standing. Sometimes, the Contract appearing in a reading can also signal a process or event that is repetitive and cyclic, and you may be feeling as though you are going around in circles.

The Contract Significators

  • This card has Neutral energies
  • If The Contract signifies a person they will often be Libra
  • As a matching card The Contract signifies Repetitive (when or for how long)
  • This card is ruled by Venus

Examples of Questions to Ask

  • What commitments am I making to both others and myself?
  • Can I keep the promises that I make to others?
  • What problems do I keep getting caught up in?
  • How can I better cooperate with others?