The Raven Power Animal

The Raven represents creation and knowledge – a bringer of the light

What does dreaming about The Raven mean?

Dreaming of a raven  symbolizes betrayal, disharmony and misfortune.

Flight: Any animal with wings can suggest flight. This can be a need to run from (or panic about) a situation (or person) but, somewhat differently, a chance to run TO something rather than away.

Darkness: The Raven can represent depression or worry and often relates to a person close to us. Sometimes it can suggest dark thoughts such as jealousy or revenge. The card can be a sign of worrying unnecessarily.

Message: The Raven card is all about messages, symbolic or literal such as phone calls, texts and emails. It’s a card of minor warnings and guidance regarding people and situations in our life.

The Raven can indicate a long standing problem that should come to an end soon. It can signify a younger male or romantic partner. The Raven if often a bringer of news.

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Upright Meanings: confident, phone calls, intelligent, cheerful, structure, optimistic, bright ideas, extroverted, lovable rogue, good news, fresh, word of mouth, rushing into things, swift news, free-thinking, fatherhood, fun playful, authority, full of energy, creativity, active, fearless, new exciting plans, letters, charismatic, control, childlike

The Raven represents good news that should be coming to you swiftly or shortly. This may take the form of letters, phone calls or word of mouth. This minor card also signifies having bright ideas about what you can do, being inspired or creative, making new exciting plans, thinking big and finding something you are passionate about. It can also indicate that you may have a tendency to rush into new things without thinking them through fully when it appears in your spread. You may be releasing your inner child and find yourself feeling very playful and having fun when it appears. As a person, The Raven represents a young person, child or person who is young at heart, who is fresh, cheerful, playful, active, optimistic and full of energy. This person will have lots of bright ideas and new exciting plans. They may be a fire sign such as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. They may be a bit of a cheeky charmer or lovable rogue. They are charismatic, free-thinking, confident, intelligent, extroverted and fearless but may have a tendency to rush to action without considering the consequences.

Reversed Meanings: bad news, fearful, impatient, problem/inner child, boring, spoiled, self-conscious, loud mouth, hasty, feeling uninspired, gullible, predictable, failure to act, lethargic pessimistic, tantrums, lack of confidence, procrastinating, lack of energy/ ideas/ creativity/ ambition/ goals/plans, close-minded, lazy, heart broken, instability, delinquent

Cards such as The Raven, whether reversed or upright, very often indicate a literal person in our lives. In this case, it can indicate a female who is younger than the querent. In reverse The Raven implies a level of confusion and indecision. You may be called upon to help someone decide something important.