The Advocate Archetype

Upright Meanings: hastiness, exciting times, infatuation, ahead, gaining momentum, being swept off your feet, movement, obsession, travel, new ideas, positive, holiday, love, energetic, progress, speed, taking off, freedom, sudden action, journey, hard work paying off, results, rushing, holiday romances, action, solutions, thinking on your feet

The image depicted by The Advocate means that the difficulties that were brought by the Seven of Wands are finally over. It signifies a strong level of energy which states that different aspects of your life will be trailblazing. Perhaps important news will be coming on your way and you may experience a sudden, yet steady positive growth. The Advocate meaning may also pertain to your work. There is a chance that the decision that you are waiting for will come your way soon. You need to be patient and just wait for it.

Reversed Meanings: unfinished business, lack of energy, bad timing, impulsive, courage, slow progress, violence, quarrels, slowness, hysterical, lack of speed/ movement/ action/ results, restriction, late start, losing momentum, panicked, lack of romance, missed opportunities, impatient, negativity, delayed/ cancelled/ returning from travel or holidays

Just like the upward The Advocate The Advocate reversed meaning is generally associated with patience. There is a possibility that you are feeling frustrated about something. You might now see that what you set in motion earlier created the obstacles that you are discovering right now. It is time for you to understand that you cannot change the past. You must forgive yourself and adapt your strategy. In terms of work, there may be an existing disagreement in your office. You need to settle this quickly in order to avoid derailing any major issue. Breathe, think and try to relax. Be patient and believe that everything will be just fine. The Advocate reversal meaning on love may pertain to possible jealousy. The jealousy that you are feeling right now has no basis and will just affect your good relationship with your partner. In the aspect of Health and Spirituality, you need to improve your focus, cooperation and determination. The energy of the card will just dissipate if you are losing your focus.