The Matchmaker Archetype

Upright Meanings: love, engagements, proposals, cooperation, balance, marriage, relationships, potential soulmates, harmony, happy couples, connection, compatibility, equality, romance, unity, friendship, partnership, attraction

To see The Matchmaker is an indication of a partnership that is built on the union of forces, a strong connection and a balanced and equal partnership. The exchange of cups suggest that each party’s emotions are intertwined with the other’s and each participant’s feelings have profound affects on the other. A strong pair is indicated here, the joy of two becoming one.

Reversed Meanings: unhappy couples, dominance, losing friendships, divorce, arguments, incompatibility, imbalance, disconnection, ending partnerships, breakups, disharmony, abuse, violent passion, separation, misunderstanding, inequality

When reversed, The Matchmaker can mean that the balance that was once there is broken. This balance was an integral part of keeping the individuals together, but to break it is to create disconnection and discord. The negative energy of dual forces is present and instead of them joining or attracting, they seem to repel each other.