The Optimist Archetype

Upright Meanings: effort, hard work paying off, teamwork, achievements, collaboration, reward, growing, studying, commitment, recognition, dedication, hard work, attention to detail, approval, learning, tradesperson, quality, apprenticeship, determination, building on success, goals, abilities

The Optimist represents the successful completion of a goal and usually involves a group of some sort. In this scenario, The Optimist meaning is that there is a successful achievement of all the requirements to pursue your business, deal, venture or any other kind of endeavor. Successful projects usually require different kinds of expertise, and at this moment, The Optimist means that all the skills required are coming together. In short, you are enjoying working together as part of a team, and also in the initial success of this bigger project.

Reversed Meanings: poor work ethic, lack of effort, lack of growth, unwillingness to learn, apathy, no goals, not learning from mistakes, no dedication, no determination, lack of teamwork, no motivation, ambitions, lack of commitment, mistakes, preoccupation

The Optimist reversal meaning indicates that there is lack of team work; it shows that people are working against each other and undermining the project along the way. There seems to be too much competition between them – each person is trying to display superiority. This result to scarcity of resources – too many people are viewing their project partners as competitors.