Bear Spirit Guide

The figure of the bear is imposing and majestic. We are, without a doubt, before one of the most mythical animals of power . His message helps us find the foundations and set foot on solid ground when we feel disoriented, not to lose our way, whatever the circumstances.

The bear is an animal that inspires strength. Its overwhelming size can be intimidating and of course, it always instills respect. No wonder it calls us to find our own inner strength and connect with the source of power that sustains us. He has come to inspire those souls who need to muster all the courage and courage they need to face adversity. It links them directly with the earth element, helping them to express their wildest and most ancient part, the one that knows how to use instinct, for survival. When you feel weak or distressed, invoke the image of the bear and connect with its spirit, it will help you awaken courage.

Spirit Animal
Power Animal The Bear

Thanks to the respect it arouses, the bear guides those who need to exercise leadership. These are people who have to raise their voices to defend their truth or explain their point of view. Also those who have been chosen to guide the rest on a certain path. We are before a protective figure who will leave his skin to defend the weakest and neediest. It tells us about connecting with others and being able to inspire them when facing times of crisis and difficulties.