Dream about an Ex

an Ex Dream Meaning

Dreaming about: an Ex

Dream Interpretation: an Ex. Dreams fall into 3 very broad categories:

  • Processing (no hidden meaning)
  • Symbolic (related to daily life)
  • Predictive (possible future issues)

  • Ex Boyfriend
  • Ex Girlfriend
  • Recent Ex
  • First Ex

Even when a breakup is a good thing, we have to grieve the loss of the relationship and the person leaving our life, and what does not get worked out during our waking hours gets worked through while we sleep, in our dreams. You may even dream about your ex dying, not because you want him/her to, but because you are mourning the death of that relationship. This is a healthy part of letting go.

Ex Boyfriend Dream Meaning: . Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend is the most common type of dream. It is possible to dream about your ex boyfriend even if you have moved on and are currently in a good relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you want them back although that may well be the case if the breakup is recent. It could also be the mind processing things about the relationship that were never resolved even if the breakup was instigated by you. Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend could simply mean that you feel insecure and lack confidence due that relationship ending.

Ex Girlfriend in a Dream: If you dream about an ex-girlfriend, depending upon the context of the dream, the intensity of the emotions felt during the process etc., it reflects the subconscious mind. Dreams about ex-girlfriends usually mean that you are holding on to past memories and maybe regretting the breakup. Sometimes ex-girlfriend dreams can mean unfinished business with her. Probably you were not happy with the way it ended, leaving wounds in your unconscious mind.

If you dream of a Recent Ex: Dreaming about a recent ex suggests your subconscious is trying to help you get through the breakup. Are you holding onto hope, anger, guilt? Did you mess up the relationship? What is it that your subconscious is trying to help you move on from?

Dreaming of a First Ex: Dreaming about an ex way back, often a first love, is very common. Your ex is a symbol of passion, desire, unrequited love, etc. These dreams are your subconscious minds way of telling you that you need more in your life.