How to interpret a Yes/No/Maybe 3 Card Draw

In a full reading, the reader will interpret the cards for you. With a short answer you can simply take the answer or, if you want more information, you can interpret yourself.
Using the example in the images, here’s how.


So here we have our 3 oracle cards with differing points of view, 1 says yes but is cautious, 1 says there are too many variables and 1 says you are looking at it the wrong way.  Overall the answer is a maybe but nothing is going to happen quickly.  Lets look at the 3 oracles.

The Lover comes upright which is good, the energies are weak which could suggest either nothing will happen soon OR that the oracle is telling you this is not that important. The talking point is friendship and the suggestion is that this may be the issue – friendship is not love!

The Goddess talks about jealousy, it’s not strong so something to consider rather than a major issue?  Is it you or another person involved?

The Gourmand with moderate energies is perhaps the one to look at – talking of prosperity and stability but advises caution. When this card comes upright it’s an excellent card. Does this talk of a possible marriage?

Put the 3 together and perhaps the question is more to do with whether the relationship is right for you rather than whether it will happen.