The Seagull Spirit Animal

Seagull spiritual meaning

Flight: Any animal with wings can suggest flight. This can be a need to run from (or panic about) a situation (or person) but, somewhat differently, a chance to run TO something rather than away.

Clarity: A time when things begin to come clear. Can also mean clairvoyance or spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes it warns to look clearly at a person or situation before making any decisions.

Message: The Seagull card is all about messages, symbolic or literal such as phone calls, texts and emails. It’s a card of minor warnings and guidance regarding people and situations in our life.

Discord: When we see The Seagull we should consider that it may be a warning or refer to an argument. You could be feeling threatened or intimidated – just relax and call on your spirit animal to guide you.

The Seagull can indicate an argumentative person, quarrels or legal battles. Disputes and arguments may be ongoing as neither part will back down first.

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Upright Meanings: arguments, being defensive/ territorial, struggle, lawsuit or quarrel, strikes, conflict, opposition, disagreements, pent up energy/aggression, frustration, assertive, temper, courage, clashing personalities/egos, adrenaline, chaos, sports, rows, unruliness, aggression, fighting, competition, lack of control/ cooperation, being rough, battles, irritation

The Seagull represents rows, arguments, conflict, fighting and disagreements. It signifies struggle, opposition, battles, aggression and temper. This minor card represents clashing personalities or egos, pent up energy and aggression, irritation and frustration. You can expect a lack of cooperation, lack of control, pettiness, strikes, chaos or unruliness when it appears in your reading. It can also represent being rough, defensive or territorial and can signify competition and sports.

Seagull spirit meaning

Reversed Meanings: reaching agreements, extreme aggression, suppressed temper, end of conflict/ row/ struggle, battle fatigue, intimidation, harmony, compromise, lack of competition, war, finding solutions, peace, shyness, order, fear of confrontation, short fuse, new opportunities, generosity, looking for an argument, focus, control, cooperation

The Seagull reversed represents the end of rows, arguments, conflict, fighting and disagreements. It signifies ending struggles, finding common ground or solutions, reaching agreements, compromise, cooperation, peace and harmony. This minor card reversed can also represent battle fatigue, fear of confrontation, shyness, suppressing your temper and feeling intimidated. Cooperation, control, focus and order may be possible when it appears in your reading. Alternatively, it can represent all-out war, looking for an argument, extreme aggression and having a short fuse. It can also signify sports events being cancelled.