The Protector Archetype

Upright Meanings: grounded young person, jumping in, faithful, excellent prospects, excelling in or seeking education/ training, healthy lifestyle, consistency, kindness, scholar, developing a plan, new ideas/opinions, earth magic, tarot/ divination, taking advantage of opportunities, good news in earthly matters, setting goals, loyal, dependable, laying the foundations, solid beginnings, ambitions, decide what you want and go for it

When we meet The Protector we see immediately that she is one that is ambitious and focused. She is protected, nourished, provided for, she is deeply tied to the earth, nature and all of its gifts. She cherishes the body, for it too is something which is a manifestation of her element. Her diligence, ambition and loyalty drives her to quickly make plans for the future – for it is there where her focus lies.

Reversed Meanings: unhealthy lifestyle, irresponsible, not taking advantage of opportunities, immature, unfaithfulness, lacking common sense, bad news in earthly matters, procrastination, rebellious, luxury, bad news, obsession with tarot/ divination, poor prospects, frustration, no groundwork, failing/dropping out, foolish, underachiever, lazy, unworkable plan, sullen, lack of goals, no follow through, learning difficulties, disloyalty

When The Protector card appears reversed, it may point to your lack of focus. There is a possibility that you are being distracted with lots of things. Try to borrow the talents of The Protector and focus your mind before moving on the next thing.