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Dreaming about: Spiders

Dreams about: Spiders. Dreams fall into 3 very broad categories:

  • Processing (no hidden meaning)
  • Symbolic (related to daily life)
  • Predictive (possible future issues)

Remember that we’re all connected when you’re dreaming of spiders wondering what it means to dream of spider webs. A nightmare about spiders often shows a fear of losing those connections.

Lots of Spiders Dream Meaning: . If you see a lot of spiders in your dreams, it can mean you’ve conquered some of your worries. Dreaming of many spiders may indicate that you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed by your current condition. Alternatively, it may be a sign of depression or anxiety. It can be a worry about too many minor or major situations you have to control, depending on the size of the spiders.

Killing Spiders in a Dream: Dreaming of killing spiders indicates that you have no fear of confronting your concerns. It’s possible that you’ll wake up feeling proud of yourself for finding the courage to face such challenging situations. Whether it’s your love life, your work or your finances, the transformation can have a wide-ranging impact. For better or for worse, it’s up to you to make those changes happen.

If you dream of Spiders Multiplying: A dream about multiplying spiders is about an end to a situation or phase in your life. You may be reflecting on the positive experiences and good times but at the same time recognizing that too many things keep cropping up that indicate it’s time to move on. You need some freedom, independence and need a new direction before things pile up and explode.

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A Spider appearing in a card reading has more meanings:

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Reversed Meanings: conman, overly emotional, gullible, rape, unkind, cheater, crafty, violent, violence, repressed, blocked creativity, cold, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, affair with married man, scandal, uncaring, unbalanced, withdrawn, controlling, manipulation, double-dealer, deviance, emotionally immature male, moody

The Spider reversed can represent being overly emotional or too sensitive. It can signify a lack of emotional maturity. It can be a sign that you are lacking back bone or are allowing yourself to be too gullible or putting yourself in a position where others can take advantage of you. You have to be accountable for your own behaviour. It tells you that you need to take responsibility for your emotions and well-being. This minor card can indicate that a lack of emotional balance may be causing you to become overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. This can also present itself as bitterness or unkind, uncaring or manipulative behaviour.