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The spirit archetype card associated with Aquarius is The Teacher. As this card appears today the issue of is brought to your attention.

The Teacher

AQUARIUS : February 16 – March 11

Aquarians are good at research work because of their capability of being creative with ideas. While they are capable of forming great plans, they neglect the minor details. They tend to procrastinate about the actual mundane parts of the plan. They have the ability to produce ideas that revolutionize the world. Aquarius are unemotional people to the outside world but they can be generous to their close friends.

The Teacher, as your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: honesty, integrity, cool, morals, military, manners, methodical, law enforcement, legal matters, friendship, detached, intelligent, structure, head over heart, power, rational, stern, conversation, use your head, routine, strength, self-discipline, authority, ethics, judge, powerful, logical, clinical, counselor, discerning

In Reverse:, lack of integrity, poor morals, no discipline, brutal, intelligence used in a bad way, weak, cynical, dishonest, inhumane, irrational, judgmental, lack of structure, lack of routine, losing your head, controlling, cold, dictator, evil intentions, obstinate, oppressive, rude, powerless, illogical, violent, intimidation, power-crazed, judgments, aggressive, ruthless

You can click The Teacher for more detail about how this card influences Aquarius Spiritscopes but first let’s see if the influence is positive or negative and how strong it is.

Spirit Horoscope for Aquarius Spiritscopes Psychic Archetype Deck

This Spiritscope is using cards from the Spirit Archetype Card Deck.

The purpose of a horoscope is to gain insight into a person’s character and foretell the future. The basic belief behind horoscopes is that planets and stars exert an influence upon our lives. Those with special knowledge and skills, like astrologers, and card readers. can predict events in a person’s life

About Aquarius: Aquarius is under the sun sign and people under this zodiac revere the old and traditional ways of doing things. They have strong idealism thus they are likely to have fixed opinions on everything. Unfortunately, this is the reason why most Aquarians are branded as standoffish individuals but this is just a façade. In reality, they are observant and tolerant in a broad sense.  They are also very witty and intellectual people.

This star sign card is part of the Aquarius Spiritscope Reading with the Spirit Guide Card Deck.