Ophiuchus Spirit Animal

The Serpent

Those born under Ophiuchus are very strong mentally although they just do not fit into this excessively earthly world so they struggle to find a balance between their internal development and a rooting to the earth, for example contact with nature usually gives them the balance they need. They are great leaders and have a great capacity for mobilization. This sign usually has a great similarity with those born under the sign of cancer.

The spirit animal for Ophiuchus is The Serpent.

The Serpent, as your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: abandonment, loneliness, looking for the truth, courage, introspection, withdrawal, fatigue, leaving a bad situation, abandoning plans, travelling, escapism, self-discovery, looking deeper, self-analysis, walking away, letting go, reaching limit, emotional strength, disappointment, misery

In Reverse:, faking happiness, stagnation, pleasure, lack of self-worth, accepting your lot, lack of emotional maturity, success, low self-esteem, fear of commitment, lack of self-awareness, clinginess, staying in a bad situation, joy, fear of moving on, monotony.