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The spirit archetype card associated with Leo is The Illusionist. As this card appears today the issue of is brought to your attention.

The Illusionist

LEO :   August 10 – September 16

Leos tend to come off as dignified and strong. Leos are ruled by the Sun and like the Sun they consider themselves indispensable. Like lions, they are also the definition of courage. They plunge headfirst into any situation without a second thought. They are fearless and strong but can sometimes be considered headstrong and pushy. They are extremely witty and smart. They can be innovative and creative. They come up with the best ideas and are never afraid to execute them.

The Illusionist, as your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: natural born leader, self-centered, motivated, honest, way with words, dependable, confident, optimistic, proud, hot tempered, action-orientated, fearless, good leader, loyal, controlling, noble, funny, charming, lenient, taking control, experience, freethinking, energetic, friendly, passionate, strong, protective

In Reverse:, ineffective, afraid to be different, volatile temper, boorish, unyielding, impulsive, breaking promises, weak, womanizer, not being proactive, nasty, vicious, quarrels, rude, bitter, forceful, bully, tyrant, prejudice, abusive, taking a back seat, undependable, dictator, unreliable, setting a bad example, lack of energy, lack of experience, lack of enthusiasm

You can click The Illusionist for more detail about how this card influences Leo Spiritscopes but first let’s see if the influence is positive or negative and how strong it is.

Spirit Horoscope for Leo Spiritscopes Psychic Archetype Deck

This Spiritscope is using cards from the Spirit Archetype Card Deck.

In layman terms, a horoscope is an astrological chart that is developed on the basis of an individual’s time of birth, date of birth and place of birth. A horoscope chart includes planets and their houses and represents them visually.

About Leo: The zodiac sign Leo is symbolized by the mighty lion which represents rulership, courage and sovereignty. In fact, there is an unmistakable regal air to people who are born under this star. They are dignified but they also have the reputation for being conceited. Although their outward appearance shows conceit, Leo are motivated by the affections of people surrounding him or her thus their plans usually center around making people who matter to them happy.

This star sign card is part of the Leo Spiritscope Reading with the Spirit Guide Card Deck.