Jezebel Spirit Guide

Who Was Jezebel?
Spirit Guide Archetype
The Rebel

For more than two thousand years, an ancient queen, Jezebel has been called a murderer, prostitute and downright wicked, a follower of Satan. An enemy of the Christian church and most other faiths. Jezebel’s name has blazed across seductive lingerie  and she is best known for being an evil temptress but just how depraved was Jezebel?

Over the years, many have attempted to rehabilitate Jezebel’s infamy as with the Bible’s other bad girls but while these other women may be bad, but Jezebel is considered by far the most debased. However, what they fail to take into account is that we are all capable of redemption and progression on our soul’s journey and in 2000 years the soul and spirit of Jezebel has most certainly moved on.

You can find articles online detailing warning signs that you are under the Influence of a Jezebel Spirit.  I disagree wholeheartedly with this by the way, which is why I am not posting a link.  I think we do these things for many reasons but none of them are influenced by a spirit.  You know yourself if a mischievous spirit is saying something you shouldn’t do and if you continue to have them as a spirit guide then that is a choice you and no one else is making.  However the articles may help you see the Jezebel side of your nature, and it is in most of us to some degree.

The Jezebel Spirit Guide

The Lightbringer

As a spirit guide, can you image the wealth of knowledge and learning she could pass to you? For those who feel they have already trod this path and are looking to redeem themselves, who better than Jezebel as a spirit guide?  For those who are struggling with their past action a Jezebel Spirit Guide comes with no shame and shame is something that often holds us back the progress of our soul.

You will note I say “a” Jezebel Spirit Guide.  This is because although Jezebel was female, and is depicted always as female, once we leave the earth we all become part of a collective universal energy, connected more closely to those who share similar personalities, goals and faults. We are no longer male or female and when a spirit guide is called for it is likely you will get a spirit archetype. It is possible to actually get a person (soul) as your spirit guide but that is rare for well known entities. So it is very possible for your Jezebel Spirit Guide to be male as such.

In our archetype card deck we do not use archetypes like Jesus, Moses, Jezebel as to do so inflames those who hold strict views on their religion, although much of the card theory comes from the occult and the devil is commonly used.  The Rebel Spirit Guide is close to Jezebel, the meaning upright and reversed a close fit as is The Light-bringer Archetype. The similarities and also differences in these 2 spirit names goes to highlight the  duality in all of us.