Sagittarius Spirit Animal

The Fox

The centaur is all about pleasure, and its one true love is travelling. One habit of this mythical creature was to shoot an arrow and follow where it landed, then shoot it again. The same can be said about a Sagittarian, in terms of career and life, in general. Forcing them to stick to a normal routine will bore them, or worse, make them rude and uncooperative.

The spirit animal for Sagittarius in Love is The Fox.

With The Fox, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: adventurous, warm, finishing what you start, hot tempered, self-assured, being hasty, rebellious, confident, charming, generous, moving country, free spirit, hero, success, revolutionary, shameless flirt, travel, sexy, energetic, swept off your feet, journey, exciting, brave, open minded, fearless, impetuous

In Reverse: arrogant, hyperactive, lack self-discipline/ control, jealousy, daredevil, violent, show-off, not finishing what you start, domineering, overly competitive, fearful, abusive, reckless, narrow-mindedness, lack of enthusiasm/ ambition/ purpose, passive, jealous, extremely aggressive/ hasty, loud, chip on shoulder, volatile, suspicion, overly confident